Nanolex Insect Remover 750ml

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Nanolex Insect Remover is a specialized alkaline cleaner for residue-free removal of insects, chitin, pollen and other organic residues, preparing the car for the prewash stage. The carefully matched active ingredients and a special combination of surfactant penetrate the dirt, soften it, and then remove it carefully and gently, without damaging the paint or any protective coating.


To use, apply Nanolex Insect Remover to the entire surface, allow it to react for a short time, then use a pressure washer to thoroughly rinse off the product. Avoid applying Nanolex Insect Remover in direct sunlight, and do not allow the product to dry before rinsing. Nanolex Insect Remover was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

Nanolex Insect Remover 750ml

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