Auto-Brite Green Apple Wash & Wax

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Auto-Brite Green Apple Car Wash & Wax is a high foam formulation that removes all dirt, dust, and grime from your vehicle. This product is a water-based solution, which is safe for the exterior of your car. High concentrate formula that leaves the exterior of your car shining like new. Leaves a showroom car finish. Scented with a Green Apple fragrance! Can be used in foam gun or foam cannon.



Simply dilute 2-3 ounces of Green Apple Wash & Wax soap into 5-gallon wash bucket. For added foam and slick washing power, add 2-5 ounces of Green Apple Wash & Wax in any foam gun or foam cannon. Once the soap is applied to the exterior of the vehicle via washing mitt or foam gun, thoroughly rinse off or pressure wash solution from the top down. Once the solution is completely washed off then dry with a heavy microfiber cloth, dry towel, or leather chamois and you’re all set for a clean finish.


For bulk quantity such as 20. Liters, please contact us for more details.

Auto-Brite Green Apple Wash & Wax

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