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Exceptional Ceramic Coatings by Nano-Brite

Why choose Nano-Brite?

Our coatings offer exceptional gloss properties, paint slickness, durability, hydrophobic water beading, & chemical resistances, unlike any other coating. Our results speak for themselves.

Made in Canada

Premium Canadian made products in the north. Our products ensure excellent quality results backed by our high quality control standards.

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Shop our detailing storage products. Polishing holders, brush holders, pad holders and much more.



Nanolex Car Care


Nanolex Car Care was founded in Mandelbachtal, Germany, in 2007 with the idea of producing an effective range of car care products of outstanding quality, for both the enthusiast and professional customer alike, with worldwide availability.

Nanolex offers both professional and consumer based ceramic coatings. For professional use contact us for our training courses.