P & S Dream Maker

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Dream Maker Show Car Gloss Amplifier is for use at events or for clients who desire to achieve the highest gloss. Dream Maker should be applied to a freshly washed vehicle that is free of major contaminates. For Dry Paint applications, mist 1-2 sprays per panel and immediately work the product in with a Microfiber towel. Flip the towel as needed to level the product. For use as a drying aid, apply 1-2 sprays per panel and work the product in with your favorite drying towel. Dream Maker provides a show car exotic finish and a layer of protection. Trust the experts and take Dream Maker for a test drive!


Gordon McCall spent the early years of his automotive career as a pioneering elite level detailer. Producing award winning finishes for car shows throughout the world, Gordon turned his attention from preparing cars for shows, to creating shows of his own. Combining a 40 year history with P & S, and with Renny Doyle, it was only natural to collaborate on a high level finish product to help produce the maximum gloss on vehicles at a car show. As Gordon says, “Semper Lucet”, Always Shining.

P & S Dream Maker

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