Auto-Brite Detail Training Course

We are offering both single day and two day training courses for professional detailers looking to upgrade their skills, individuals looking to get into the detailing business and car enthusiasts who are passionate. Our training course will provide you all the right skills, knowledge, and hands on training to tackle any job that you will face.

Day 1

Our detailing course touches on all the essentials of running a business whether it is a mobile operation or opening a shop, touches on all the list of chemicals and tools, full hands-on training on how to perform a full interior and exterior detail. The course duration is 4-6 hours, DIY(Do it yourself) attends are also welcome. Day 1 will consist of learning how to perform a full detail interior and exterior. We will teach the following; Interior Shampoo, Vinyl and Plastic cleaning, Leather Treatment, Vinyl, Plastic, and Leather dressing/Protection, Stain removal, Salt removal, Odor and Pet Hair Removal, Learning different hands-on cleaning techniques (Drill brush, Torandor, Extractor, Steam machine), Engine bay detailing, Proper Washing Techniques (2-bucket method), and Tire & Rim cleaning. Learn from the pros with years of experience in the detailing industry.

Day 2

Our paint correction course is an introductory course that teaches all the prep process before polishing, all the different types of polishing machines, different types of compounds and polishes, different types of pads, hands-on training (performing a 2-3 stage paint correction), headlight restoration, and lastly,  how to protect your paint (eg. wax, sealant, ceramic spray, ceramic coating). By the end of the class, you will be able to understand the science behind paint correction and how to perform 2-3 stage paint correction. The course will last between 4-6 hours and certification is awarded at the end of the course. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, upgrade your skills, and learn from the pros in a friendly environment.

At the end of the course each student will receive a certification, $50 store credit, and courses will have free coffee and lunch. Contact us today for more information and to reserve your spot on our next training date.

Nano-Brite Ceramic Training Course:

Our Nano-Brite ceramic coating course is an all intensive hands-on training course that is for professionals only. This is a one day course (4-6 hours) that provides all the background science behind nano-technology, business and technical support, all hands-on training from the prep work to paint correction, coaching, and learning in a friendly environment from experienced detailers. No hidden fees, no minimum orders, no false advertisements, no territorial fees. Our course is an easy return on investment that will help grow your business organically. Become part of a growing global network NOT just an installer. At the end of the course, each student will be given a certificate, kits of products, and all marketing/promotional material. If you have applied ceramic coatings before we still recommend you attend our course however it is not necessary if you want to purchase products, please contact us for details. Don’t miss this great opportunity, reserve your spot today.


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