Professional Detail Startup Kit 2.0

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Our professional detail startup kit 2.0 is the perfect package with all the essentials for those starting off their business either mobile or store front. It consist of the following products;


  1. Tire & Vinyl Dressing 4.L
  2. Interior Vinyl Dressing 4.L
  3. LVP (Leather, Vinyl, Plastic Cleaner) 4.L
  4. Car Wash & Wax 4.L
  5. Acid Wheel Cleaner 4.L
  6. Rim Glow Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner 4.L
  7. Multi Purpose Cleaner 4.L
  8. Interior Dry Foam 4.L
  9. Glass Cleaner 4.L
  10. Irish Spring Air Freshener 4.L
  11. Magic Red Degreaser 4.L



  1. Chenille Wash Mitts x2
  2. Ultra Plush Microfiber Towel (Drying) x2
  3. Glass Towel 10 Pack
  4. Microfibers 16×16 20 pack
  5. Carpet Brush x1
  6. Pet Hair Remove Brush x1
  7. Wheel Spoke Brush x1
  8. Wash Bucket & Grit Guard x1
  9. Tire Sponge x1
  10. Drill Brush Set x3 (Heavy, Medium, Light Bristles)
  11. Applicator Pads x3
  12. Spray Bottles x10

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