Auto-Brite Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Auto-Brite Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a highly multi-functional triple strength formulation cleaner which removes all dirt, grease, grime, stains, salt, bug, and oil. This product is highly versatile and can be used on both interior and exterior of your car. This product is extremely great for remove interior stains from fabric, carpet, and the seats of your car. For exterior usage this product is great for removing dirt, grease, grime, and oil from your engine, tire sidewalls, plastic rims, and hoses. Highly concentrated formulation 1:35 concentration ratio. Triple Strength Formulation that is multi-functional.



For interior use on carpet, seats, vents, cup holders, and plastic spray solution on to dirty area then scrub, wipe, or brush off. For best results on harsh stains let solution soak for 1-3 minutes apply warm water on cloth or rag then wipe or brush off. For exterior use on engine, tire sidewalls, plastic rims, and hoses simply spray solution let it sit for 1-3 minutes and wipe off or powerwash off.

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  1. Classico Autocare

    Really high quality multi purpose cleaner. Tried it out for my detailing business after using several other brands & it’s by far the best

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