Auto-Brite Nano Polisher

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Auto-Brite Nano Polisher is meant for those that need a small polisher that can get into hard-to-reach places. Depending on the nature of the work to be performed, the Mini polisher can be easily adapted thanks to its different operating modes.

  • Rotary
  • 3mm Orbital
  • 12mm Orbital

Use the mechanism of your choice (all included in the box). And this mini polisher will be able to go from rotary to orbital operation. Capable of effectively correcting the various defects present on bodywork, micro-scratches, holograms, etc… While allowing a perfect finish. It’s a necessary tool for precision polishing, reaching areas a traditional polisher cannot go.

  • 2 chargeable batteries
  • 1 plug in battery
  • 1 inch packing plate
  • 2 inch packing plate
  • 3x 1 inch Lake Country pads
  • 3x 2 inch Lake Country pads
  • 2 inch detailing brush
  • 2 backing plates (Rotary & DA Function)

Auto-Brite Nano Polisher

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