Auto-Brite 5 inch DA Polisher Kit

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Auto-Brite 5 inch DA polisher kit is the perfect set for DIY users or beginner polishers. This kit includes 2 Lake Country cutting and polishing pads, Sonax Cutmax 250ml compound, & Sonax 04/06 250ml polish.



Auto-Brite 5 inch DA polisher specs;

1. High efficiency, stronger cutting force.
2. Soft start with constant speed system.
3. 6 speed setting, thumb controlled variable speed dial.
4. Progressive switch trigger, the trigger can control the speed.
5. Equipped with CNC machined counterweight.
6. All bearings inside are NSK bearings.
7. Ergonomic design with soft rubber-coated grip.
8. Dust gauze on the side to prevent dust into the air circulation system, which protects the motor from damage.
9. Easy change carbon brush ports.
10. Quick change backing plate, with smart heat management, prolong the pad life.
Orbit Diameter Size: 15mm
Rated Voltage: 110V-230V AC
Rated Power: 900W
Rated Current: 7.5amp
Frequency: 60Hz/50Hz
Variable Speed: 1800-5300 OPM
Thread Size: 5/16″-24
Velcro Backing Plate Size: 125mm(5″)

Auto-Brite 5 inch DA Polisher Kit

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