Auto-Brite Ceramic Shield

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Auto-Brite Ceramic Shield is a easy sprayable paint protection that is a binding polymer monomer technology. Ceramic Shield provides a long-lasting shine, brilliant hydrophobic properties, paint slickness, and UV protection. Ceramic Shield can be applied dry or wet. Provides 2-3 months of protection. Can be used ontop of ceramic coated and uncoated surfaces.



Wash vehicle thoroughly and make sure it is free of all dirt, grease, and grime. Spray product directly on surface or onto a microfiber cloth. Spread evenly onto the surface with a microfiber towel and then buff for a high shine with dry side of the towel. Best to apply product when vehicle is dry and recommended to use a high pile microfiber towel.

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This item: Auto-Brite Ceramic Shield
$ 19.99$ 49.99
$ 19.99$ 49.99
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Auto-Brite Ceramic Shield

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