Ecowaterless Car Wash

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Description: Auto-Brite Eco-Waterless Car Wash is an environmentally friendly product that is a quick and easy way to wash your car without water. Similar to the traditional car wash, our eco-touch formulation provides a clean finish that dissolves the dirt, dust, and grime off your car. With just a quick spray and wipe your vehicle will be shinning just like new. Simply formulated for a car wash finish, with an enviro-friendly touch. This product is meant for lighter cleaning.


Directions: Simply apply the solution to the dirty area with a quick spray and wipe or buff off. For best results make sure enough solution of product is applied and excess material is wiped off. Use scratch free, streak free rags or microfibers for a clean finish.

Ecowaterless Car Wash

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2 reviews for Ecowaterless Car Wash

  1. David

    Just picked up the Eco waterless car wash to fix the spots the automatic car wash missed tried it on the outside and used it on the windows it works so amazing. That I did inside windows my windows have never been so clean fully recommend this product.

  2. Moaeez

    PERFECT product for when your car needs to be cleaned but you dont want to take out the soap.
    Spray on, wipe off!
    Works great with the spray on wax as well.
    Super easy clean!
    Surprised not many people knew about this luxury.
    Must try

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