Auto-Brite Bug & Tar Remover

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Auto-Brite Bug & Tar Remover removes all heavy bug & tar stains from the exterior of your vehicle. A simple spray and rinse formulation that is easy and safe to use on all exterior surfaces. A biodegradable product that is safe and friendly.



Spray Bug & Tar Remover onto the exterior surface let the product sit for 20-30 seconds then use wash mitt or bug sponge to rub off all spots. Then finally rinse off the solution and dry area. Repeat steps if needed.


Dilution Ratio:
For 1.L, 4.L, & 20.L recommended mix 1:1 or 1:3 recommended to dilute into 1.L spray bottle

Auto-Brite Bug & Tar Remover

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1.L, 4.L


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