Auto-Brite Silicone Free Tire & Vinyl Dressing

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Auto-Brite Silicone Free Tire Dressing is a body shop safe product that leaves a satin to a matte finish on your tires, rubbers, and plastics. Scented with a cherry fragrance.



Spray onto tires directly then wipe down with a tire sponge or applicator for an even finish. For rubber and plastics surface spray and wipe into with a microfiber cloth. For engine bay spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth for a clean natural finish.


Dilution Ratio:
For 1.L, 4.L, & 20.L 1:1 Mixture.

Auto-Brite Silicone Free Tire & Vinyl Dressing

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1.L, 4.L, 4x 4.L

1 review for Auto-Brite Silicone Free Tire & Vinyl Dressing

  1. Moaeez

    Longest Lasting Tire Shine!
    I have tried so many from different stores, but this was my last purchase!
    This shine lasts WEEKS!
    i suggest ya first clean ya tire with degreasor or soap… scrubb off any current products and dirt.
    Apply a layer of this and BAM.. youre good to goo.
    Suggestions- Some times two layers is not a bad thing either 😉

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