Silicone Free Tire & Vinyl Dressing

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Auto-Brite Silicone Free Tire & Vinyl Dressing is a ready to use silicone free dressing that gives a high gloss shine and is highly durable. This product is commonly used for tires, rubber, plastic, rubber, and engine. Safe to use for all body shops.  Silicone free formulation. Shines, protects, and restores moisture!


Exterior & Interior:

1.Spray product on applicator pad.

2.Apply product to vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces with pad.

3.Allow to dry, or wipe dry with clean towel.


1.Prior to applying the product, thoroughly clean tire with a general purpose cleaner and tire brush, then pressure rinse and wipe dry.

2.Spray product on applicator pad.

3.Apply product to tire with pad.

4.Allow product to thoroughly dry before moving vehicle.


1.Clean engine using Auto-Brite’s Magic Red Degreaser

2.Next, power wash engine thoroughly until Magic Red Degreaser is removed

3.Spray engine with Silicone Free Dressing

4.Rub excess dressing for a gloss finish

Key Benefits: Keeps surfaces protected and shined.

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1 review for Silicone Free Tire & Vinyl Dressing

  1. Moaeez

    Longest Lasting Tire Shine!
    I have tried so many from different stores, but this was my last purchase!
    This shine lasts WEEKS!
    i suggest ya first clean ya tire with degreasor or soap… scrubb off any current products and dirt.
    Apply a layer of this and BAM.. youre good to goo.
    Suggestions- Some times two layers is not a bad thing either 😉

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