Auto-Brite Purple Wheel Cleaner

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Auto-Brite’s Purple Wheel Cleaner is safe to use Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner that removes all brake dust, carbon, rust, & oxidization from your rims. This product can be applied to all types of rims such as chrome, plastic, coated-rims, PVD, & polished rims. A very strong formula that keeps your rims maintained and looking new again.




It’s recommended for heavy brake dust to use product straight or 1:1 dilution ration or use pure. For very mild rim condition dilute product 1:4. Simple rinse off excess dirt and grime from rims with a garden hose or pressure washer. Then, spray Purple Wheel Cleaner onto rims and allow the solution to sit 3-5 mins. Once the solution has sit for 3-5 mins you will see the solution has turned purple which means all the containments have been removed. Now you can finally rinse off the solution with a garden hose or power washer and your rims are looking new.

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