Nanolex Si3D MAX 30ml

$ 230.00

Nanolex Si3D MAX forms a very thick, crosslinked polysilazane matrix to provide maximum protection combined with maximum easy to clean properties. The three-dimensional matrix forms a highly chemical and abrasion resistant layer that is highly hydrophobic at the same time. Due to the high layer thickness the depth of color is taken to the maximum as well. Si3D MAX is formulated VOC-free using sophisticated state of the art carriers. Incorporated advanced additives allow to reach the full potential with one single layer which is very easy and safe to apply on all types of paint. The thick protective coat generated by applying Si3D MAX is suitable for painted surfaces, rims and hard plastic parts. Si3D MAX was developed, tested and product in Germany.

  • Maximum thick layer for maximum protection
  • Maximum easy to clean effect
  • Maximum Hydrophobicity
  • Maximum Gloss
  • 4-5 Year Durability
  • Can be used on PPF & Vinyl



Nanolex Si3D MAX 30ml

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