Nano-Brite Rejuvenate Coating 50ml

Nano-Brite Rejuvenate is a-quick ceramic protection that lasts  8 months to a year. This product is used as a maintenance product for coat vehicles, however, it can be applied to non-coated vehicles. Rejuvenate creates a nano-coating that filters UV and protects the body shell from acid rains and bird droppings, residue from water run-offs, fading from the sun, etc. It gives a deep shine to applied surfaces. The perfect balance between a professional and entry-level ceramic coating for all types of users.



  • 1 Year Lifetime
  • 50ml
  • 9H Hardness
  • 2-3 Cars per bottle
  • 12 Hours Cure time
  • Body, Rims, & Trim application

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Nano-Brite Rejuvenate Coating 50ml

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