Chemtrol Bulk Fill Station

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ChemTROL Fill Stations run on standard water pressure and uses changeable metering tips to allow complete control of the proper dilution ratio for each chemical. No more overuse of chemicals and incorrect dilution by individual technicians!

The ChemTROL Bulk Fill Station is designed for use with 5 gallon containers or larger. The ChemTROL Bulk Fill Station is mounted on the wall and pulls from containers sitting on the ground. The ChemTROL Bulk Fill Station has the ability to offer up to 8 different dilution ratios from bulk containers at two flow rates, allowing spill-free filling of spray bottles using the 1 gallon-per-minute (GPM) setting, while larger containers like wash buckets are quickly filled with the 3.5 GPM setting. The available dilution ratios range from 4:1 to 200:1, allowing for proper dilution of a full range of chemicals, from popular surface cleaners all the way up to highly concentrated body shampoos.

Chemtrol Bulk Fill Station

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