Carpro Iron X Cherry Scent

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  • Removes Iron Particles and prevents the spread of iron-related damage & helps to protect your vehicle from paint system failure.
  • Can be used on paint & rims removes all iron, brake dust, and oxidization
  • New Formula combines Cherry perfume to aid in masking Iron Dissolving Chemicals

  • Safe to use, Acid Free, and pH neutral (pH 6-7).

  • Safe to use on Clear Coat Paint

  • Safe to use on Aluminum, Chrome, Anodized, Alloy, or Clear coated wheels.

  • Safe for use on all solid car surfaces and will not deteriorate clear coats. (Avoid using on Fabric Convertible tops.

Carpro Iron X Cherry Scent

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Weight 2.8 kg

1.L, 4.L, 500 ML


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