Auto-Brite Magic Salt Remover

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Auto-Brite Magic Salt Remover removes all salt deposits from carpet, seats, and fabrics. Its formulated to take out all the tough salt deposits with ease. Can also be used as an interior carpet & upholstery shampoo. Scented with a fresh fragrance.



Soak carpet, seat, or fabric with water, hot water is recommended. Then spray Magic Salt Remover onto the desired area then let the product sit for 1 min. Next, scrub the area with a stiff brush or drill brush and repeat the process until the area is all clean. Wipe down area or vacuum once completed to remove all residue. If you have a steamer spray solution then use the steamer brush tool and rub against the salt until it all is removed.



Dilution Ratio:
For 1.L, 4.L, & 20.L recommended mix 1:1 or 1:3, Recommended to dilute into 1.L spray bottle

Auto-Brite Magic Salt Remover

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1.L, 4.L


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