Rupes 5 inch (150mm) Finishing Pad

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RUPES BigFoot White Ultra-fine Foam Pads for random orbital Dual Action and Triple Action BigFoot Polishers are made from a dense, yet extremely soft, foam. These pads smooth away finest surface imperfections, creating a super high-gloss finish on difficult-to-finish paints. If you desire the highest gloss possible, equip your BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher with a White Ultra-fine Foam Pad.


Use the White Ultra-fine Foam Pads with RUPES BigFoot Diamond Polish to jewel the surface to the highest gloss possible. White Ultra-fine Pads are also the ideal pad for applying any wax or paint sealant. RUPES recommends using the White Ultra-fine Foam Pads on sticky, high-solid, and standard OEM finishes. The pad may be too fine, and thus too grabby, on fresh and soft paints. For more polishing power, or to refine compounding marks, use RUPES BigFoot Yellow Fine Polishing Pads with the appropriate BigFoot polishing compounds.

Rupes 5 inch (150mm) Finishing Pad

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  1. Andy

    Excellent pad for final polishing step on black vehicle paint. It doesn’t leave any mauling or residue. Use minimal product as to not oversaturate.

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