Rupes 1” White Fine Foam 6 Pack

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The RUPES Coarse Foam Polishing Pads for Random Orbital provide a fast cutting performance with a top class finishing level in his category. The large dimensions of the cells dissipates any heat build-up, allowing the compounds to work more efficiently. They are made of a dense foam which efficiently transfers the energy produced by BigFoot large-diameter random orbital polishers to the paint. The result is fast paint correction of severe defects with minimal follow-up. BigFoot Zephir Coarse compound is reccomended.

The foam pads are key elements in the polishing process. Many variables in the technical specifications have to be taken into account to increase the performance. Dealing with different paints, compounds, and tools require different foams to make the job safe and efficient.

Foam face 40mm, hook and loop face 30mm

Rupes 1” White Fine Foam 6 Pack

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