Nanolex SiFinish

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Nanolex SiFinish sealing contains a high proportion of silicate sealing to protect coated and uncoated paint surfaces over the long term. Nanolex SiFinish gives an outstanding shine and an extraordinary beading behavior, combined with a silky surface feel. Nanolex SiFinish works for months with just one application and also protects the painted surfaces to a certain extent from water stains.

Nanolex SiFinish can be applied to existing Nanolex coatings; thanks to the specially tailored composition, it bonds with the surface and significantly extends the service life of the coating. After a treatment with SiFinish, the surfaces are in a state as if they had just been freshly coated.

Application: Apply 2-3 sprays of SiFinish to the surface with a clean microfiber cloth until the surface is streak-free and glossy. Nanolex SiFinish was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

Nanolex SiFinish

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