Nanolex Microfiber Wash 750ml

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Nanolex Microfiber Wash is specially designed for microfiber towels and other accessories. High quality microfiber tools such as polishing pads, drying towels, wash gloves and application plates should be properly washed in order to protect their microfiber structure and functionality.


The special formulation – which is free of artificial fragrances and brighteners – ensures a thorough wash, residue-free, yet gentle and mess-free. The result is long lasting microfiber tools with intact hair structures and unconfined dirt removal capability, which are unaffected by detergent residue. Amphoteric surfactants with exceptional cleaning properties prevent scratches and chafing when microfiber tools are used, while waxes, polymers and polish residue are completely removed. This specially designed detergent is also very suitable for optimal and residue-free cleaning of polishing pads.

Nanolex Microfiber Wash 750ml

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