Nanolex Final Finish 750ml

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Nanolex Final Finish is an innovative, water-based Quick Detailer with a revolutionary combination of ingredients. Used as a spray lacquer cleaner, Nanolex Final Finish easily removes stubborn water spots, light soot and fingerprints, and can also be used as an excellent dryer after washing the car.


In addition, Nanolex Final Finish forms a durable protective layer that provides remarkable water pearls, a smooth to touch surface and a glossy finish. The gentle formulation ensures gentle and refreshing care for all clear varnish surfaces. With proper maintenance, Nanolex Final Finish will have a durability of approximately 1000 km on the surfaces to which it has been applied. Nanolex Final Finish can be used on ceramic coated vehicles as well without causing any damages to the surface.

Nanolex Final Finish 750ml

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