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Menzerna 3000 Final Finish

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The final stage of the machine polishing process requires a fine grade polish to remove micro-marring sometimes incurred during the paint correction stage. Menzerna Final Finish 3000 contains fine abrasives to remove slight marks and to burnish the paintwork to a high gloss.


Features & Benefits:

  • Removes fine swirls & holograms
  • Adds a high gloss to the surface
  • Suitable for soft, intermediate & scratch resistant paint finishes
  • Filler-free formulation ensures minimal drop back
  • Contains lubricants allowing for longer working times


Directions for use:

  • Ensure paint surface is cool to the touch
  • Use Final Finish 3000 on a medium or soft pad (depending on the level of cut required)
  • If using a DA polisher, apply 3-4 pea-sized drops to the pad
  • If using a rotary polisher, apply 1-2 pea-sized drops to the pad
  • Place pad against paintwork & use a slow speed to spread the polish
  • With a DA use speed 4-5, with a rotary speed 3-4 to work polish evenly into paintwork until a film remains
  • Buff film with a clean, soft microfibre
  • Can also be applied by hand using a foam applicator


Technical Specification:

  • Cut: 3/10
  • Gloss: 9/10
  • Filler-free formulation
  • Contains diminishing abrasives
  • Does not contain chemical cleaners
  • Suitable for application with rotary, DA or by hand

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Weight 3.2 kg


Weight 3.2 kg


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