Lake Country 7.5 inch Wool Pad

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Lake Country 100% Knitted Wool Curved Pad 7.5” (7.5″ diameter x 1.5″ thickness) is a wool pad for polishing. This pad offers the same great features of our traditional knitted wool pads in a full sized curved version for rotary use only.  The knitted wool combine the performance benefits of traditional lambs wool with the ability to blend materials to suit specific cutting or finishing needs. Knitted pads reduce the amount of shedding or linting compared to traditional wool pads. Similar to natural sheepskin pads, these have an increased cutting ability, but unlike natural sheepskin the performance will be consistent from pad to pad. These pads also lint much less than a traditional tufted wool pad. Knitted wool works great for metal, gelcoat and paint polishing. This material works exceptionally well for polishing aluminum. Knitted into a synthetic backing material, these pads offer a more durable construction allowing for more cleaning or washings.

Lake Country 7.5 inch Wool Pad

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