Farecla 360 Super Fast Finish 1.L

$ 89.95

  • New formulation
  • No reworks
  • Enhanced depth of gloss
  • Effortless
  • Excellent on dark colours



G360 Super Fast Finish, used with a G Mop Flexible Black Finishing Foam, easily glides over the surface, eliminating swirl marks and other minor defects rapidly and with little effort, leaving an enhanced deep gloss finish. Transparent in use, the operator is able to see the permanent results.

An upgrade to the formulation has improved its handling properties so you reach that flawless finish on blacks and dark colours noticeably quicker. And it’s a deeper gloss too, plus wipe off is faster.

Beyond product performance the new formulation also boasts enhanced environmental credentials, with VOC content reduced to near zero.

Ideal for darker colours, after using G360 Super Fast Compound system.

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Farecla 360 Super Fast Finish 1.L

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