Emerald Interior Shine

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Auto-Brite Emerald Shine is a ready-to-use silicone free dressing for vinyl, plastic, rubber, and leather. This product leaves a semi-gloss finish look when applied, and is highly durable. Commonly used on interior and exterior surfaces. Highly, durable product that leaves a slick shine and protection. This product is body shop safe.



Simply spray product directly on application area of your vehicle and spread or wipe down using a microfiber cloth, applicator pad, or rag. For best results make sure surface is clean or is wiped or washed off before application. For interior use make sure surface is clean of dirt and dust before applying the product. For exterior application on vinyl, plastic, rubber, and trim make sure surface is clean of dirt and grime before application. Slick shine and protection that leaves a fresh scent behind!

Emerald Interior Shine

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  1. Moaeez

    The perfect Moderate shine!
    This product does not leave a greasy look, nor does it leave a dull look. Just a tad shinier than the matte look!
    its great.

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