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Training Course

We are offering two-day professional detailing training course. Whether you are looking to get into the business or a car enthusiast, our training course will provide you all the skills needed to start detailing the right way.

Certification will be awarded at the end of the course and classes with consist of free coffee & lunch along with a store credit.


The training course will be held on weekends Saturday and Sunday.

Day 1

Introduction to the Auto-Detailing Industry:


Learn how to take your passion into a potential income full-time or part-time. You will
learn the different routes of the industry and gain vast knowledge.

Introduction to Products & Supplies:


You will learn how to use all types of products & supplies to make your difficult job

Introduction to which Equipments to use:


You will be introduced to all the different types of auto-detailing equipment needed
such as carpet extractors, steamers, and power-washers.

Hands-on training on Interior & Exterior Detailing:


Lastly, you will be given hands-on training on how to fully detailing a vehicle inside and
out. At the end of Day 1, you will have all the knowledge to prepare you do start


Day 2

Introduction to Buffing & Polishing:


You will be introduced to all the different types of buffing and polishing machines. Along
with which buffing pads and compounds to use for deep scratches & swirls, light
scratches & swirls, and which polishes to use. At the end of the course, you will have all
the knowledge required to start buffing & polishing away.





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