Auto-Brite | Some Info About Us
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About Us

Auto-Brite is a Canadian based company established in the Greater Toronto Area with over 25 years of

experience in the manufacturing industry. Auto-Brite produces a variety of products such as industrial cleaners,

coatings, restoration products, and finally automotive products. Auto-Brite’s main goal is to offer

customers a professional range of automotive products that makes detailing simple and

easy for all our users.

Our Vision

Is to become recognized globally for our quality, creativity, and professionalism which reflect our brand and the core values of our company. Auto-Brite wants to lead the industry in manufacturing detailing products that make it easy for our users.


What makes our products different is that we are constantly working with our research and development team to produce the best quality product that reflects minimal environmental costs. We continue to formulate, innovate, and design quality assured products that fit our customers and industries needs.


What Auto-Brite has to offer to its customers and first-time users is our expertise and knowledge of our products. We offer on-site consultation to our first-time customers to develop a strong relationship. Our sales expertise focus on building a strong customer service relationship with our company that meets our core values.

Our Partners